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Tooling Services

Tooling and Design Services

The Houston Plastic Products tool shop is critical to providing the close tolerance work required of the highly specialized products we manufacture.

Working with our customer’s engineers, our expert mold builders and machinists can build new molds using 3D CAD files or part drawings. Our mold designs are created using SolidWorks CAD software. If revisions are necessary, molds can be quickly reworked on-site, thus avoiding delays and retaining control of the quality of work which may not be achieved if the molds were outsourced. 

We also have a reliable source for tooling produced overseas. Upon customer request an overseas mold can be quoted and built. The typical lead time for first samples from an overseas build is 4-5 weeks.

Quality Maintenance You Can Rely On

Each tool is carefully inspected and cleaned after each production run and stored in a climate-controlled area. Our quality machinists and shop professionals provide:

  • Scheduled inspections
  • Routine cleaning
  • Secure storage in a climate-controlled environment

Tooling services in Houston TX

Classifications of Injection Molds up to 400 Tons


  • Class 101 Mold
    • Cycles: 1 million or more
    • Built for extremely high production. Typically the highest priced mold made from only the highest quality materials
  • Class 102 Mold
    • Cycles: Not exceeding 1 million
    • Medium to high production mold, good for abrasive materials and parts requiring cost tolerances. Typically high priced mold made from high quality materials.
  • Class 103 Mold
    • Cycles: Under 500,000
    • Medium production mold. Typically a popular mold for low to medium production needs.
  • Class 104 Mold
    • Cycles: Under 100,000
    • Low production mold. Typically used only for limited production preferably with non-abrasive materials.
  • Class 105 Mold
    • Cycles: Not exceeding 500
    • Typically for prototyping only and constructed in the least expensive manner possible.


  • Class I Unit Insert
    • Cycles: Approximately 500,000
    • Top quality materials for medium to high production requirements
  • Class II Unit Insert
    • Cycles: Under 100,000
    • Similar to Class 104 Mold. Most commonly used insert. Low to medium production.
  • Class III Unit Insert
    • Cycles: Fewer than 500
    • Similar to Class 105 Mold. Typically the least expensive insert for very limited quantities and constructed using the least expensive materials.


  • Diamond Finishes: SPI A-1 to A-3
    • #3 Diamond Buff, A1
      • Typical for lens/mirror, requires 420 SS material
    • #6 Diamond Buff, A2
      • Typical for high polish parts
    • #15 Diamond Buff, A3
      • Typical for high polish parts
  • Paper Finishes: SPI B-1 to B-3
    • 600 Grit, B1
      • Typical for medium polish parts
    • 400 Grit, B2
      • Typical for medium polish parts
    • 320 Grit, B3
      • Typical for medium to low polish parts
  • Stone: SPI C-1 to C-3
    • 600 Stone, C1
      • Typical for low polish parts
    • 400 Stone, C2
      • Typical for low polish parts
    • 320 Stone, C3
      • Typical for low polish parts
  • Dry Blasted: SPI D-1 to D-3
    • #11 Glass Bead, D1
      • Satin finish
    • 240 Aluminum Oxide Blast, D2
      • Dull finish
    • #24 Aluminum Oxide Blast, D3
      • Dull finish

Tool Shop Equipment

  • Tool Shop equipment includes some of the following machines
    • Wire-cutting, Die-sinking, and hole drilling EDM machines
    • CNC milling, 3-axis mill, jig bore, lathe, surface grinder, hone, TIG, and saw machines

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