Houston assembly services

Assembly Services

Quality Manufacturing Assembly Services

Houston Plastic Products helps its customers with complete end-to-end manufacturing with as little or as much support as needed.

Our plastics assembly and plastics finishing department works hard to ensure the highest level of quality throughout the entire manufacturing process, including final delivery. We follow engineering specs and work orders to assemble just about anything our customers can dream of – all with the precision of experienced craftsmen.

Through the combination of our automated processes and experienced hand-work specialists, we provide a host of finishing work including turning, tapping of threaded features, buffing, polishing – all of the final touches to deliver exactly what’s been ordered.

Once each order is completed, our production and logistics specialist make sure all of the orders are shipped as planned with quality inventory processing, shipping efficient delivery services.

Houston manufacturing assembly services

Machining Services

Our comprehensive and complementary manufacturing services include secondary machining, decorating, stamping, ultrasonic welding, insertion and assembly work. Additional value added services include hot stamp foil printing, UV cured adhesive assembly and custom assembly projects. To support our customers with full-scale manufacturing support services, Houston Plastic Products also offers a fully equipped machine shop to machine parts from many materials.

Assembly / Production Support Equipment

  • MDT production monitoring system
  • INTERMEC bar code printer
  • Hot stamping
  • Heat sealer and wrapping machines
  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Drill and punch presses, lathe machines
  • Swaging machines

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